Photo Courtesy of Jeff Nimoy

(Photo courtesy of Jeff Nimoy’s blog - Cooking Caveman. I didn’t get to take a photo of my bread, but it pretty much came out like he said it would!)

Alright! I finally did it! I made a loaf of paleo bread and it’s amazing. Thanks to Jeff Nimoy at cooking caveman for the wonderful recipe, it’s delicious. So far this week I made a sandwich, ate a slice before running to the box, had a bit of toast for breakfast, and even used a slice with my sunny side up eggs! My one recommendation would be to double the recipe because the loaf did not turn out the same size as store bought bread (I made mini sandwiches!)

However, this is EXPENSIVE. Sure it’s delicious….I’d be happy to do this maybe once a month. But this calls for 1.5 Cups of ALMOND BUTTER. Which is so ridiculously expensive. I think I bought a 12oz jar for close to $10 and that was the cheapest in the store. If I were to double this recipe, it would cost me more than $20. NEVER would I ever buy a loaf of bread from the store for $20 no matter how Paleo it is. But it was a nice luxury for the week.

Does anybody have any suggestions on where I can buy almond butter in bulk for a reasonable price? Or is it cheaper to make my own almond butter? Recipe suggestions?

ADDENDUM: I have since researched and determined, yes, it’s definitely cheaper to make my own almond butter! Definitely buying raw almonds in bulk! :)

Still looking for recipes!!! Any recommendations?

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  4. bozieee answered: Safeway! Or Walmart
  5. cookingcaveman said: So glad it was a success! Unfortunately I also only make it once in a while because mine is like $16 a loaf with all the pasture raised eggs I use. I also need to make my own almond butter to bring the cost down. Let me know how yours turns out!
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